Custom Tailoring Solution

Web Application for Reknitting and Reweaving Serices


Alterknit New York


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About Client

Alterknit New York is an online resource for sweater repairs, invisible mending, French reweaving, knit alterations, suit reparation, shoe & bag repair, knit restyling and so much more. It’s a B2C & B2B Company where the customers drop in for custom tailoring options.

The Challenge

  • To be the only online resource for “Reknitting” which is the next big step of traditional tailoring (Reknitting - Harvesting the yarn from your garment).

  • They believe in Organic traffic rather than Paid Advertisement. It was a challenge to design a user-friendly Web Application.

Our Solution

Having analyzed all the business domain difficulties & challenges,

  • We come up with a plan of designing a cool Web-Application using Bootstrap Material UI Design kit.

  • Alterknit was designed in such a way that their main three core plot of their business (i.e) (Ship It, NYC Free Pick Up, Drop-Off) is addressed to the end-users in an efficient manner.


The Impact

  • Alterknit New York associated with top brands in Manhattan like Gucci, Pringle of Scotland, Chanel etc.

  • Initially, Alterknit New York was started as a B2C company, later on, emerged as a B2B Company.