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About Client

G Global School being the passionate educators with more than 20 years of experience, proudly introducing their new venture, G Global School in the year 2017 into the world of IB education in Tiruchengode, TN, India. A School with International Standards in education with 30 years of knowledge empowerment.

The Challenge


  • Fee Collection: Since the school was following differential fee collection system (normal, discounted and deposit type), with the increasing number of students, the calculation of fees became high time-consuming, confusing and inaccurate. The obsolete data system that was in place made it all the more complex. For example, there was no way to know the fee arrears pending from students unless calculated manually for each one of them.

  • Purchases: Due to the fact that the store and the office were located at distant places, it became difficult and time-consuming to ensure that the payment receipts reached the stores and the stock reaches the office on time. In the case of returns and refunds, the efforts were double.

  • Budgeting: Since the incomes (fees) could not be calculated properly (arrears not accounted well) the expenses remained incalculable as well. As a trickle effect, proper budgeting and annual accounting could also not be done.

  • Library

  • With a well-stocked library, it was always quite a task to maintain and update records of the books, the due dates, issuing library cards to students, book returns etc.

Our Solution

  • Fee collection was one of the most prioritized and complicated issues, especially with the categorical system in place and pre-existing arrear payment problems. We deployed our software’s fee management module and we could immediately see the results. With the new software, the school now automatically generates monthly fee collection, fees due to alerts, receipt generation and has an online mobile app for easy and convenient payments. It was quite an uphill task and took us several days to migrate all the data into a digital platform. All the previous arrear amounts were then created as a new fee.

  • With our library management module, the books are categorized and organized in a highly efficient manner. It created auto-alerts to notify the students about their book return dates, library dues, and so on.

  • The Inventory Management module will help them to manage their institution inventory in a more effective way. Our Inventory Management module will help you to easily track all store transactions, purchase orders, verify product lists, and create on-time reports on stock moves and procurement exceptions.

  • Create and manage item categories

  • Manage item location

  • Manage multi-warehouse and multi-locations

  • Manage suppliers

  • Unit measurement

  • Search items

  • Movement of materials

  • Material receipts