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3D industrial setup of Fluidline systems

Tech Stack – React JS , Node Js

Our Client

Fluidline Systems has been a trusted supplier of Industrial pumps and valves for a variety of industries based out of sugar, paper, tyre, automobile, ZLD, WTP and ETP, textile, tannery, refinery, petrochemical, chemical and general industries.

Fluidline has been a reputed partner for over 2000+ clients spread over South India, supporting them with top of the line products and services from KSB Pumps, KSB valves, CGL Motors, Burgmann mechanical seals, Metso flow controls, Saniflo pumping systems etc.

The Challenge

Fluidline wants to showcase their catalogue of industrial products in a digital format, where their reputed industry partners and other consumers would have a view of their products supplied. By serving multiple industries, fluidline has more than 13,000+ products in their catalogue.

To manage everything under one roof, our team instrumented a design of the industry equipments like raw water pumping, RO/DM plant, machine jacket cooling etc. Each industry equipments consists of multiple sub products (13,000+). So, we have to display the industry equipment flow along with all of their sub products (pumps, motors, valves etc.,)

Our Plan & Process

AT Digitals team planned to design an interactive web application.
(Source – Fluidline Systems & Controls 3D Web Viewer)

UI/UX team designed the prototype for all the equipments used in the industry along with their sub products. Prototype design was then 3D modelled to give some real time experience to the users. We tried to model every single equipment used in different segment of industries.

Our plan is to bifurcate all the sub products of fluidline to their equipment category used in the industries. Sub-Product manuals can be viewed & downloaded in PDF format as well.

The Results

The entire physical catalogue manuals which has been used over the past 20 years, is now transformed into the digital version.

Fluidline Systems & Controls Pvt Ltd made their customer purchase decision at ease. Customers can interact with the site and conclude their need of products to their respective industry equipments.

We are more than thrilled to have enabled this unique selling feature for Fluidline Systems, which made their customers sales decision – super easy, informative and interactive, just with a click of a button.