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Local Cook/Chef in your Community

Progressive Web Application
Tech Stack – React Js, Node Js

Our Client

KukBuddy is a platform aimed to serve as one-stop online solution for all your authentic, cultural and wholesome cooking & food needs for you and your family. Take a great pride in serving your local community by supporting local authentic Kuk’s, who add mother’s love to their menus.

The Challenge

In this project, KukBuddy’s top priority is the well-being and health of their users, and to experience various original cuisines from all over the world, right from your community, with zero compromise on your health and wallet.

AT Digitals challenge was to bridge the commune kuk’s with the users using a streamlined, unique progressive web application.

Our Plan & Process

Our team picked some brains from the cloud kitchen models existed in the industry. To bridge the gap between the commune kuk’s & the users, three USP’s were brainstormed,

  • Home Cook – Sell cook’s home cooked menu in the platform. Offer menu for sale. Pay per item / per portion selected.
  • Party Cook – Sell’s predefined menu of dishes. Offer menu for sale – Pay per guest.
  • Family Cook – Hired to cook at an eater’s home. Offers personal cooking at service. Pay per hour for service subscription model.

The three USP’s contain separate login and individual dashboards to view/manage their bookings from the users.


KukBuddy launched initial serivces from San Francisco, California. They onboarded 200+ cooking professionals, experienced in 17+ different cuisines into this platform. As of 2020, the chef service booking platform attracted more than 100K monthly active users.