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Gunnar/ E-Commerce

See Clearly, Look Sharp.

In today's digital age, our eyes constantly navigate between screens and reality, leading to digital eye strain and fatigue. GUNNAR Optiks®, a pioneer in computer eyewear, empowers users to combat these challenges with innovative lens technology. This case study explores how we partnered with GUNNAR to scale & upgrade robust WooCommerce e-commerce platform, catering to their global audience and enhancing the user experience.


With a focus on innovation and user engagement, GUNNAR partnered with our team to scale their e-commerce platform on WooCommerce. The goal was to provide unique features like Virtual Try-On. Ensure smooth platform functionality and address plugin-related issues. Provide ongoing support and maintenance for a consistently optimized online store.


The primary objective of the project was to upgrade the feature-rich WooCommerce e-commerce platform for GUNNAR Optiks®, enabling seamless online shopping experiences for customers across various regions while incorporating innovative features such as Virtual Try-On.

Our Plan & Process

To achieve GUNNAR's goals, we implemented a strategic approach:


Multi-Site Functionality

Established a network of regional websites on WooCommerce, designed to serve diverse audiences through tailored content and currency options.


Virtual Try-On Integration

Created and integrated a unique Virtual Try-On feature, enabling users to try on eyewear styles via webcam. This enhanced user engagement and product visualization.



Resolved plugin conflicts and executed fixes to ensure a smooth user experience, optimizing functionality for seamless navigation and user interaction.


Ongoing Maintenance

Implemented a thorough maintenance plan to monitor, update, and optimize the WooCommerce platform, ensuring smooth operation and addressing emerging issues.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final screen designed and developed by our ATDigitals team


The collaboration between GUNNAR Optiks® and our team resulted in the successful development of upgradable version of WooCommerce e-commerce platform, delivering tangible benefits and enhanced experiences for both GUNNAR and its customers.
1. Elevated User Engagement:  The Virtual Try-On feature has revolutionized the online shopping experience for GUNNAR's customers, allowing them to virtually try on eyewear before making a purchase.
2. Optimized Functionality:  Through expert plugin management and ongoing maintenance, we have ensured a consistently smooth and secure platform.

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