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JoulestoWatts (J2W) is a premier IT talent solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of services from permanent staffing and contract placements to the innovative Hire-Train-Deploy model. To further optimize their client experience, J2W partnered with us to develop a custom portal that bridges the gap between their Consultants and HR Business Partners (HRBP).


J2W's unique two-pronged approach – Consultants and HRBPs – presented a challenge in managing communication and workflow.


They needed a solution to:
1. Bridge the Gap: Seamlessly connect Consultants and HRBPs for efficient project allocation and management.
2. Enhanced Administration: Provide HRBPs with robust tools for managing consultant roles, activities, and overall project data.
3. Streamlined Communication: Facilitate efficient communication between Consultants and HRBPs through an integrated ticketing system.

Our Plan & Process

To achieve J2W's goals, we implemented a strategic, two-tiered portal solution:


Secure & Separate Login

We designed separate URLs and logins for both Consultants and HRBPs, ensuring data security and role-based access control. This creates a personalized experience tailored to each user group's needs.


HRBP Admin Panel

The HRBP portal integrates a centralized ticketing system for project assignment and workload management, alongside comprehensive tools for consultant management, data reporting, and streamlined candidate recruitment processes.


Consultant Interface

Consultants utilize the project management feature to track assigned projects and communicate with HRBPs via the ticketing system. Additionally, they maintain their profiles, updating skills and certifications for informed project allocation.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final screen designed & developed by our ATDigitals team


J2W's custom portal has yielded significant improvements:
1. Enhanced Communication:The integrated ticketing system fosters a streamlined communication channel between HRBPs and Consultants, leading to improved project clarity and collaboration.
2. Optimized Resource Management:HRBPs are empowered with centralized data and tools to effectively manage consultant assignments and resource allocation.
3. mproved Efficiency: J2W experiences increased efficiency in the entire IT talent management process, leading to faster project turnaround times and increased client satisfaction.

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