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Pink Anne/ Retail

It’s time to #Change

Pinkanee, a company on a mission to redefine period care for the modern woman. Pinkanee offers a range of organic and sustainable period products, prioritizing both comfort and eco-consciousness.


Pinkanee with the goal of revamping their website to reflect their brand identity and values while enhancing the e-commerce experience for customers. The project aimed to modernize the website's design, improve functionality, and optimize the checkout process to drive conversions and increase sales.


1. Website Revamp: Refresh the website design to align with Pinkanee's brand identity and create a visually appealing and intuitive user experience.
2. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure the website is fully responsive across all devices to cater to the growing mobile audience.
3. Sustainability Focus: Highlight Pinkanee's commitment to sustainability throughout the website to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

Our Plan & Process

To achieve Pinkanee goals, we implemented a strategic approach:



Conducted extensive research to comprehend Pinkanee's target audience, brand positioning, and competitors thoroughly. Worked closely with the client to collaboratively define project goals and objectives.



Developed detailed wireframes and prototypes informed by user-centric design principles, prioritizing intuitive navigation, clear messaging, and visually captivating elements to enhance user engagement and interaction.



Built the website using modern web technologies, ensuring responsiveness, accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility. Integrated e-commerce functionality using WooCommerce to facilitate seamless transactions.



Integrated sustainability messaging and comprehensive product information strategically across the website, aiming to educate and inspire customers while fostering awareness & appreciation for eco-friendly practices and offerings.


Testing &

Performed thorough testing to detect and resolve any issues or bugs, ensuring optimal website performance. This included enhancing page load times and streamlining the checkout process, prioritizing a smooth and intuitive user experience.


Launch &

After deploying the revamped website, we offered comprehensive training and support to the Pinkanee team. We then continued to monitor and optimize website performance following the launch, ensuring sustained success.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final screen designed and developed by our ATDigitals team


Pinkanee's new website serves as a testament to ATDigitals' expertise in crafting user-centric and impactful e-commerce solutions. The website empowers Pinkanee to connect with a wider audience and revolutionize the period care experience for women seeking organic, comfortable, and sustainable solutions.

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